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Maria Rosa Gonzalez


On March 17th, 2019, my mom was admitted to the hospital because she was experiencing severe belly pain. Before her ER visit months prior, she started to get sick with her body hurting and always having horrible period cramps so bad she would have to stay home from work. Before that ER visit, she had gone to her doctor and they sent her home with pain meds.

The following morning my dad noticed she still wasn’t feeling good at all so he took her to the ER. She got admitted and her blood count was low. They did all kinds of tests except for a sepsis test. And found nothing. So they kept decided to keep her overnight the next day on March 18, 2019, in the afternoon, she went into sudden cardiac arrest. After that they tried to bring her back 3 times and she did not make it. The final attempt was surgery which she didn’t come out from. She died from strep A infection; it was very abrupt and her organs shut down completely. (Sepsis and Group A Streptococcus)

My biggest regret was being at the hospital with her and leaving so soon, telling her I would come back the next day and when I did she was no longer alive. She was 49 years old. I love and miss her very much.

Source: Araceli, daughter

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