Maitreyi Kruthiventy

Featured, Survivor

In 2018 towards the end of April I had developed severe pain in my left abdomen ranging from back to front. It was so severe but the doctor ruled it out as urine infection. Even after using medicines the pain wouldn’t go away. After ten days of pure suffering, they found that a large chocolate cyst has filled my left ovary and both of them had to be removed.

After the surgery my pain went away but extreme weakness started with no urine output. I was shifted to super speciality hospital which diagnosed septic shock and my kidneys had shut down along with other organs dysfunction. Since then it was a blur. (Sepsis and Septic Shock)

I was on full antibiotics and whole body was screaming in pain. I was drifting in and out of sleep with strange dreams unable to tell what’s going on but only my close ones’ kind words kept me going on. All other organs began to get better after a week except kidneys. After one and half month my kidneys started working slowly. Until then I was on dialysis daily. I was discharged in June.

After that I began to slowly recover my weakness and I had extreme hair loss. Slowly I regained strength but my kidneys functionality did not get full. Some damage stayed in my kidneys. Because of this when I got pregnant in 2021 I had preeclampsia and delivered my baby two months early. He stayed for a month in special care and is absolutely fine now. But my body is not the same after sepsis. Weird reactions, spinning , out of body reactions etc keep coming and going. Weakness comes most of the times suddenly. The whole perspective of life changes. Anxiety, panic attacks and light headedness often come and go. Surviving after sepsis is really a gift from God. I’m very very lucky to have survived such deadly illness.

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