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Les Mccullough

Les Mccullough

Written in memory of Les McCullough
19.03.61– 20.09.14

Septacimia, a cut on the skin.
What about the sepsis,
That starts within.
The 1 that attacks soft tissue,
Deep beneath the skin.
The 1 you can’t see,
Don’t know that it’s there,
The 1 that pops up,
Literally anywhere.
Immune system sepsis,
Can be kept under control,
It needs more understanding,
That is my goal.
Compromised immune system,
Puts you further at risk,
The journey to danger,
Can be quite brisk.
Theres 10 signs to sepsis,
You only need 3,
Keep on reading,
And learn them with me.
Agitation and fever,
Spots on the skin,
Don’t mess about with sepsis,
Take yourself in.
An abnormal heartbeat,
Sick with the chills,
Urinary issues,
Not helped by pills.
Is your vision impaired,
Are you dizzy or sick.
Septic shock could be looming,
You need 2 act quick.
Compromised immune system,
What does that mean,
Look at life’s journey,
And how far you’ve been.
Have you had pneumonia,
Got over it fine,
Or had numerous infections,
Over a very long time.
Diabetic, anemic,
Poor history of health,
Learning 10 signs of sepsis,
Is a knowledge of wealth.
If you’ve had septic shock,
And lived it to tell,
I salute your courage,
In your new living hell.
PSSD or septic shock?
As its known,
Is still misunderstood,
But numbers have grown.
We need 2 keep talking,
And passing this on,
Coz knowledge is power,
And life will still go on.

Source: Lorraine Mccullough . wife

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