Leigh Thompson


I had full back fusion surgery January 11 and 13th. Feeling good after a month walking on the treadmill. Well then I was rushed to the hospital in ambulance 1st thing the morning of March 12th. I couldn’t walk or stand and felt horrible. (Sepsis and Surgery)

My left side was inflamed at my joints, swollen left foot, I can’t stand. Left hand is swollen. Doctors ran so many tests and diagnosed me with sepsis. I spent 13 days in the hospital with so many tests on my heart, legs for blood clots and blood work. I ruptured the tendon in my left hand from trying to lift myself up off the couch because I was so weak. The infection settled in my tendon and had to have surgery to wash it out then reattach the tendon. I have very little use of my middle finger.
I was released and on home IV antibiotics through a PICC line in my right bicep. Blood work every week. This has changed my life and turned it upside down.
Still so weak but I’m a fighter!!
The sad thing is nobody will be held responsible.
I had 2 doctors at the hospital tell me this developed from my initial surgery in January.
The surgeon had to reopen my back to flush out the infection.
I had 27 staples after have 50+ sutures removed in February.

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