Laura T.


Three years ago I suffered from septic shock. (Sepsis and Septic Shock) I did flat line and the septic shock was shutting down my whole entire body. I was told I would never get out of a wheelchair. I still suffer from the worst excruciating pain ever. My physical therapist call them my wake up pains. All I call them is my screaming pains.

I went from not even being able to dress myself or take myself to the bathroom to doing most things on my own. I still need help with a few things. But I truly have come a long ways. I still can’t walk long distances and I haven’t conquered the steps going into and out of my house yet. But I have come from feeling like my arms and legs were inside casts to feeling them move! I keep “feeling “ that one day I will walk without a walker, crutches, or canes again.

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