Kristie Gallegos


My 36-year-old daughter died from septic shock on 11-30-2017. She was a diabetic and had been suffering from a abscessed tooth she had a root canal 28 days prior to her death. (Sepsis and Diabetes, Sepsis and Dental Health) She was in the hospital for several days after the root canal with pancreatitis due to an antibiotic that they gave her. She was released from hospital and never really got her strength back and had trouble with blood sugars despite doing everything to lower them. Her main complaint was muscle weakness and being cold.

Kristie always had nausea and a heart rate that was usually in the 100s. She had some medical problems and that was not unusual for her. The evening before she died, she made dinner, had a few bites then watched TV. Five hours before she died, she started coughing for about 15 minutes. She also had asthma and I asked her if she needed her inhaler she said no, I will be fine. Her cough stopped and I went to bed at midnight. I found her barely conscious. She was blue and gurgling, 1.5 hours after I went to bed. She was rushed to hospital and she never got better despite everything they did to save her. She died 5 hours and 22 minutes from the time I went to bed. I was told she died from septic shock and pulmonary edema. I’m not sure if the tooth abscess ever completely cleared. I’m still waiting for autopsy report. It does not make any kind of sense that she would go down hill in a matter of 1.5 hours. I feel completely lost and wish I had some answers.

Source: Kristie's mother, Patricia