Kendra Lawrence


I am 33, active, and healthy. I worked in healthcare worked for fifteen years, and there is no way sepsis could ever impact my life – but it did.

After finding out I was passing a five millimeter kidney stone, I was sent home by the hospital. (Sepsis and Kidney Stones) Later that evening, I found myself in EXCRUCIATING pain, convulsing, and running a fever of 103. The hospital diagnosed me with a kidney infection, and sent me back home.

I knew prior to discharge that something was seriously wrong. The following day, I was worse, and I remember telling someone, “I think I am dying.”

I began vomiting violently, along with all of my other prior symptoms. I finally received culture results saying I did indeed have E. coli in my blood stream.

After five long, scary days in the hospital, I was sent home. I do not remember much of the experience, but live to tell others to advocate for yourself. Never leave the hospital if you feel in your gut something is not right.