Kayla Ferrer

Featured, Survivor

Kayla was admitted for hip pain then became septic due to osteomyelitis of the hip, which was also MRSA. Due to her asthma she got pneumonia. (Sepsis and MRSA, Sepsis and Pneumonia) Kayla was intubated two days after being admitted. Went into surgery to remove the infection but unfortunately her heart was failing she received two rounds of chest compressions and was placed on ECMO.

Kayla was not getting any better her left lung was completely collapsed after a bronchoscopy that an RT recommended. From one day to another she showed so much improvement. After 7 days on ECMO she was taken off and finally went to have her hip surgery the next day. Three weeks on a ventilator felt like a lifetime. Kayla was finally looking better physical therapy started and she was on her way to recovery. Five long weeks in the hospital did cause lots of emotional issues but with the help of her wonderful therapist we will have our baby girl back to normal.

Source: Isabel Murillo, mother

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