Kathy Fontenot


I had a knee replacement go awry. I never really recovered from the replacement. Lots of pain and swelling. Surgeon said swelling was normal and I could expect it for a year after surgery. No blood tests, no X-rays. (Sepsis and Surgery, Sepsis and Joint Replacements)

I started feeling more and more exhausted. My husband saved my life. I initially refused to go to the emergency room after three days of fever. I felt like I was too sick to go. Obviously some brain fog too. 😄

I spent a month in the hospital after MRSA was found in my knee and in my blood. (Sepsis and MRSA) I had revision surgery (different surgeon) on my knee which left me with an unbendable knee. After six weeks of IV antibiotics and a bunch of oral antibiotics, I was MRSA free on Christmas Eve 2023. I was weak, my skin was peeling, my hair was falling out, and I was walking with a walker.

By April 2023 my strength came back. My skin still itches and my hair is falling out. But I’m planning another surgery to get a bendable knee. I’m praying not to get MRSA again.

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