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Judith Morrison

Judith Morrison

Hi there! I’d like to share my story about my mum. She is still currently in hospital being treated for severe septic cellulitis. (Sepsis and Cellulitis) She lives in a nursing home. They noticed on Monday that she was not feeling well. By Tuesday afternoon she was rushed to hospital. When I walked into resuscitation emergency and seeing her, my first thoughts were I’m going to loose her!

She was on oxygen, heartbeat was was going crazy, blood pressure low! She was confused and delusional struggling to breathe! Not in a good way! I was so confused in her not feeling well the day before to this the day after? The doctors were amazing! Curiosity got the better of me and I looked at her legs! What I saw was the most horrific thing I’ve ever seen! Her leg had a huge infected ulcer and big patches of pus were all up her leg it was so red swollen! I could not believe it!! How the hell was this not noticed at the nursing home?!?? Of course I was told the worst of the situation!

She was taken up to ICU I was so impressed with these guys they were onto it! By Wednesday afternoon they decided mum needed to have this main bit of infection drained and the dead bit of cells had to be removed. They needed to keep the surgery very simple and quickly and for her to be under to a minimum as her body wouldn’t be able to handle it!

All went well she was stable after! Yesterday walking into ICU I didn’t know what to expect! When she saw me Mum’s face lit up and smiled up me! I was so happy to see her looking so bright! She has a drain coming from wound but now our main concern now are the other lesions of pus travelling up her leg. Antibiotics need to do these ones ! I know Mum’s not out of danger zone yet she has a long way to go yet! I have every bit of my trust that ICU will do everything possible! Will beside my mum every single day! Here’s hoping my mum will be a survivor!

Source: Tracy, daughter

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