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Joyce Sunnycalb


My mother was diagnosed with sepsis, acute kidney injury, and acute liver failure. (Sepsis and Kidney Failure) I was told she was not life threatened or critical even though her sepsis caused delirium. I was told by the doctor that we get diagnosed with lots of things when admitted to the hospital. My mother was restrained for days, no bedbath, no mouthcare, even when she hemorrhaging.

They cut her from chest to pelvis and said her organs were so failed they were purple with holes. They then sent her to the ICU for the first time, put her on life support and said lowering her meds to wake her was optional. We, her family, did not want meds lowered. They woke my mother up without telling us. She woke up horrified and struggling and we had to go to the hall for help. My mother died of multiple organ failure June 17, 2019 and she died a suffering death. The hospital never offered an autopsy and in that moment I did not think to ask. A surgeon told me my dead mother was no more critical than he was. Her organ dysfunction was never treated she was just given antibiotic and they kept saying they were sending her to a nursing home to get strong for surgery? While she was septic?

I’m being told the state of Ohio is the only state that does not license hospitals. [I was told] no one investigates hospitals in Ohio. Medical malpractice lawyers keep saying these cases are too expensive and we never win them, 1% chance. My mother suffered to death because medical doctors are allowed to say sepsis followed by organ dysfunction is not critical or life threatened. They went against her children’s wishes and woke her up after being cut from chest to pelvis. If you or a loved one gets sepsis I have faith you are better off not trusting anything a doctor says. Accept that you are going to die and pray they are decent enough to make you comfortable. I am keeping myself safe by wearing a DNR bracelet, removed myself as an organ donor, and am choosing to end my life vs. going to a hospital when I become critical.

Source: Christina Motz, daughter

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