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Jonathan Saporta


So here is my story. For about 10 days, I was having major stomach pains and issues going to the rest room. I being a typical male, thought nothing of it and continued with my normal life. After being told (and by told I mean yelled at) to go the the emergency room, I went with intention of being out in 2 hours. Well that was far from the case.

I had developed severe sepsis with the start of renal failure caused by a perforated colon. (Sepsis and Perforated Bowel) And like that I was admitted and put on Zosyn. For 10 days I was in the hospital as they got the white blood cells down. I was released and sent home with a mid line and home care. Three days later, blood work was taken and wham, sepsis had returned and was rushed right back to the hospital and a colon resection took place

Here I am in this hospital for another 10 days as we battled this very annoying sickness.  After being sent home with a mid line yet again, the very next morning, I go to the restroom and blood is pouring out of me. I had developed a leak with the resection. Enter sepsis yet again. The care from the people at JFK Medical Center in Lake Worth Florida I am still alive.  This has changed my life (some good, some bad) but I am thankful to be able to sit here and write my success story. Words of wisdom do not wait if you have any thought you may of developed sepsis because if you do wait, it may be too late.

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