John Stevenson


I was living in Los Angeles and had recently retired when my daughter on Long Island called and asked me to help with moving her and her family to L.A. I flew out and remember scratching my elbow the first day in N.Y.  Of course it healed right away. A month later we drove to L.A. and I felt feverish the last couple of days. When I got home I felt horrible and drove myself to the hospital.

I had a 106° fever when I arrived. Put in emergency overnight and heard a nurse talking about amputation of my arm. Where my previous little scratch was my arm was hot and swollen. (Sepsis and Bacterial Infections) I stopped breathing and was intubated. They put me in isolation and administered antibiotics. I was in the hospital for ten days and once at home shot myself up with antibiotics through a port for another ten days. Very painful at the hospital and I still have stomach problems from the antibiotics. This happened in 2014. My doctor told me they almost lost me a couple of times. Glad to still be here and to have kept my arm.

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