John Burris


I am John Burris a Dance Educator who developed sepsis in 2014 from a severe case of pneumonia. (Sepsis and Pneumonia) Also in a medically induced coma for 3 weeks to realize what my next phase of life would be.

Faced by 5 weeks of dialysis treatments and to face the next step to lose both my feet and hands within a 30 day period. My uphill like others were to face the outcome drive and rise to the many new challenges. Being a competitive dancer fighting as if I was on a stage competing all over again to be at victory. (Sepsis and Amputations)

I adapted to the new me re-learning to do everything as if it was like yesteryears. I set and raised the barre with PT/OT that I was never go to back down as if I was defeated. Today I am a strong advocate who fights for others to be full of conviction and love of one self. As I say we are constructively built different, we all didn’t come from the same Crayola crayon box but we can Color the World with our Strengths . I am a Quad Amputee BKBA and also don’t come with patellas any longer but it doesn’t stop me . I still teach and instruct dance on ZOOM and my passion has never left me behind any curtains .

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