Jessica Enderle


October 1, 2019, I came home from work feeling a bit tired. We had moved our office location that day, so I thought I was just exhausted from moving boxes and furniture. About 3 hours later, I felt like I had been hit by a truck.

My husband had plans to go out of town for the weekend and I encouraged him to go. He left early on October 2. I continued to feel worse. Flu-like. My dad came over and decided to take my daughter with him for a sleepover at their house. I am so thankful for that moment. My fever started. My heart rate was double my normal, while laying in bed. After a few more hours, I realized I felt sick enough to go to the hospital. When I got there, I was officially in sepsis.
They found that I had “walking pneumonia” which was the cause of my sepsis. (Sepsis and Pneumonia)

I hadn’t felt sick at all prior. I was admitted to the hospital for 6 days where they struggled to get my fever and body temperature under control. I ended up in the ICU for 2 of the days. I still remember the body temperature fluctuations and how terrible I felt. I had to get a PICC line for antibiotics. And because they were running out of places to take my blood from.

On day 6, they finally had me well enough to go home. But the next month and beyond were a huge struggle. I was so tired just walking in my house. I was weak. And I feel like my brain has been slightly “foggy” ever since.

I am so thankful to have survived something that I very realistically may not have. But the lasting impacts are real. Physically they can be tough. But mentally.. I am always a bit scared I’ll end up in sepsis again. And that is a scary thought.


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