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James Madden


Bowel resection gone wrong. After what was described as a common surgery and the surgeon’s attempts at consoling my fears of facing a second surgery due to a bowel obstruction from Crohn’s, the operation took place and was recovering when things began to go very wrong.. My condition declined rapidly as the anastomoses began to leak. (Sepsis and Perforated Bowel)

The nurses called the doctor as my numbers were gradually deteriorating but, the doctor never showed. Luckily for me, I have 2 daughters who are nurses at a much better hospital in our town, and immediately caused a scene until the doctor finally showed up only 6 hours after he was originally called. By the grace of them, I was transferred out of that hospital to the other. I had drain tubes put in and high doses of drugs to fight sepsis and peritonitis.

I was intubated and my family was called in because things were not promising for a recovery.

Well, the lord above had other plans and my kids recommended a great surgeon to go in and repair the mess the last one created. I had an ileostomy for a period of 5 months, lost 70 lbs, and somehow, fought my way back. Today after having it reversed I am doing ok.

My caution is this, do your homework on ANY surgeon that will be cutting you open, do not just go in blindly and hope for success. Be diligent, because it’s your life, you have to be involved. Not everyone is fortunate like me to have 2 daughters who know when things aren’t going as they should.

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