Jacqueline Mayes-Pehl


I had what I thought was the flu for 3 weeks. During the day I felt fine but at night it was bad. One night I took my temperature and it was 104°F but apparently I didn’t want to bother anyone so I went to sleep. The next day, I now recall taking a UTI test at home (I didn’t remember this until I was healed) and it immediately said positive without having to wait. I did nothing. (Sepsis and Urinary Tract Infections)

When my husband came home from work he said I had told him to go to the store for crazy items so he came straight home. All I would say was “I’m in big trouble but I don’t know why”. He and my sister immediately took me to the hospital. The nurses came in and forced me to come out immediately and the doctors started to work. I knew my name but not the President’s and I didn’t know what city I was in. After all the tests they transferred me to another hospital for surgery the next day. I was in ICU but I felt I was in a ward with many other patients. I kept crying out for someone to help me but I didn’t know what I wanted.

Apparently I had a large stone that was blocking my bladder from releasing urine and it became infected. (Sepsis and Kidney Stones)
I was taken to surgery, thrilled to be given a pill because I wanted water so bad. I spent several days in ICU and then moved to a regular room. The doctor told my husband that had he stopped at the grocery store I would have been dead when he got home! Apparently the stone blocked the urine, which caused a UTI which went to sepsis. The whole time I thought I had the flu!!! Because of my husband and my sister’s quick moves I am alive to tell the tale today!!

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