Hilary Mt. Pleasant

Hilary Mt. Pleasant

Where to begin 🤔
1 year ago I believe memory loss from the medication the hospital gave me but I was a healthy diabetic. (Sepsis and Diabetes)  I had no signs of anything, never had a reason to go to the hospital, always looked after myself until I married a guy who gave me an infection by using a dirty razor blade.

I was feeling tired drained and irritable, sluggish, in pain and wounds all over my body due to him. I never felt or saw these wounds grow so fast and burn and the amount of pus and smells, omg. This started my frequent lengthy hospital visits, 8 times in 1 year

I had a tiny itch under my breast I noticed than within hours to a day turned into which I thought was flesh eating disease. It was so rapid, smelly and the tissue was on the lower half of my breast was red burning, open. I was confused, tired, started hallucinating. I asked my husband for help because he was a local volunteer firefighter and knew some things about what to do in these situations but he had problems and chose to ignore me, refused to help, refused to call 911 for me, his wife.

So I called them and they came and got me, at which I passed out off and on, I am not sure how long I was septic and my diabetes was good till then.
I woke up in the hospital from a coma 8 to 10 days later, hooked up to IVs in both arms, breathing tube oxygen, fluids dry mouth, no food.
Sore throat still weak and tired confused frustrated alone.
No one around.
Hospital did not tell me anything. I asked for my husband. I asked for my mother .I asked why I was restrained, why I was being drugged, asked why I was there.
No one said anything to me.

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