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Harry Poulos

Harry Poulos

I broke my leg above my ankle with a compound fracture. Everything went well as the surgeons placed metal in my leg to support the bone. 8 weeks later I became very ill with flu like symptoms and a very high fever (104). (Sepsis and Surgery)

I was rushed to hospital and was diagnosed being in sepsis. I remained in ICU for a week thinking that my leg would be amputated, but things turned much worse. I went into v-tech arrhythmia in my heart and my heart stopped. They hit me with a defibrillator and started by heart back. I stayed 3 more weeks in hospital, then went home. I was weak, thin, depressed and with a PICC line. It took 10 months with several ups and downs and a lot of PT to recover. I still have use of my leg, but with struggles. I am more happy to be alive and accept the gift I was given. Depression is the biggest struggle.

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