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Harj Kaur

Harj Kaur

Hi, last year I developed severe stomach pains, I was admitted in to hospital on 3 separate occasions, each time sent hone with pain killers being told it was gallstones and that I would pass them threw my bowels. Eventually I collapsed at home, turned jaundiced and was rushed in to hospital again.

This time the doctor thought it was my pancreas due to the jaundice and me shaking (they wanted to know how much alcohol I drank, asked my husband). I think the doctor thought I had a drink problem and my pain was in my pancreas/liver. When my husband informed them I’m not a heavy drinker, the hospital medics realised that this was very serious.

I was rushed in to emergency put in to an induced coma to remove a gallstone which was lodged in my pancreas. (Sepsis and Gallstones) During surgery my stomach lining was accidentally cut causing bile to leak which led to me contracting sepsis. All this was happening to me while I was unconscious. My family could not visit due to Covid. I was given a 20% chance off survival.

I’m a mother of 2 daughters who had not got a clue as to what as happened to their mother. Before all this I had never been in hospital (apart from child birth). I was perfectly healthy good diet etc, but I survived. Mentally I am scared. I have had my gallbladder removed 4 days ago, so suffering a bit with pain. My story is to say that sepsis is very dangerous and life threatening and I am very grateful that I survived it, thank you for reading my story.

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