Hadley Rae

Our beautiful Haddie gave us 8 months and 13 days of pure joy and sunshine to all that knew her! She was a surviving twin. When she was born, she was in the NICU due to low glucose levels. When she was discharged a week later her papers said they treated her also for newborn sepsis suspected. (Sepsis and Children) We were never aware of this until reviewing medical reports.

She had her occasional colds, or teething episodes with low grade fevers. My husband and I took her to the doctor numerous of times for various reasons but we never really got any answers as to what was wrong when she didn’t feel good.

2 weeks before she died, we could tell Hadley was very sick with high fever, congestion and very sleepy. Her big sister and I had just gotten over the flu. When my husband took her to the pediatrician they assumed she was fighting the same illness and gave her meds. No test were done.

Within a week, she was feeling much better and no fever. She went back to daycare for 2 days. That 2nd day at daycare, I waved bye and she gave me the biggest smile ever. I said “I love you Haddie! See you soon!”

It was the last words I’d get to speak to her.

Hadley was found unresponsive that afternoon when she was down for nap. Moments before being laid down for a nap, she fell asleep sitting up. She seemed really sleepy. My husband and I rushed to the hospital after we got the worst call ever. “Hadley isn’t breathing…”

We watched the medical team fight to save her life. Vitals were dropping, she was white and cold. We begged and pleaded for our daughter to stay with us. They pronounced her dead with no know cause at the time. March 19th 2020 was the worst day of our lives. How could this be happening? She was just smiling and happy hours before!

2 months later we received the autopsy report. Negative for flu, Cause of Death- Klebsiella Oxytoca Sepsis. (Sepsis and Bacterial Infections)

Klebsiella Oxytoca is found in the intestines and is considered healthy but when it leaves the intestinal tract, that is when an infection can occur.

My family wishes there would have been more attention to the possibility that this was sepsis. No test were ran. No CBC. We wish there was more proficient and utilized sepsis protocol for children. We wish someone would have dug a little deeper to see what was wrong.

My family does know this, we want to keep spreading her “Rae’s” of Sunshine across the world. We want to share her story to bring awareness to sepsis. March 19th is now Hadley Rae Day. Acts of kindness to spread her “Rae’s” of sunshine to others and tell her story. We hope to save your loved one’s life one day.
You can learn more about Hadley Rae Day by visiting www.facebook.com/hadleysraeofsunshine

Source: Emily Fowler- Mother

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