Gene H.

Gene H.

I am currently 63 years old and in general good health and not immune compromised. I had a prostate biopsy two years ago. 12 hours after this biopsy I awoke with a fever, throwing up and uncontrollable shaking. (Sepsis and Surgery) My entire body ached. I was immediately admitted to a small local hospital for 5 days with a somewhat antibiotic resistant bacteria and sepsis. Most likely the large hospital bacteria where the biopsies was taken. (Sepsis and Antimicrobial Resistance/AMR)

While in the hospital, I received IV antibiotics and upon release, I received an additional 21 days of oral antibiotics. During this time, I did not feel back to normal or even really improving much. During this time I developed thrush as a result of high doses of antibiotics. Five days after the 21 day oral antibiotics were completed I went back into sepsis. Symptoms were fever, throwing up and uncontrollable shaking and feeling miserable. This time the situation had become worse than the first experience.

I was again admitted to the hospital for another 5 days of IV antibiotics. During this time I developed C-diff, most likely a result of high dose antibiotics, and was beginning to experience organ impairment issues. (Sepsis and C. difficile) I truly thought I would die very soon this time. Before being released from the hospital, I received a PICC (an at home IV antibiotic system that is delivered directly into the heart). The PICC stayed for 14 days. My wife was trained prior to being released in how to administer the IV antibiotics. After the PICC was finished, I received another 14 days of oral antibiotics. This finally resolved the infection but I was left very weak and 20 lbs lighter.

It has now been two years since the bouts of sepsis. I still do not have as much stamina as before and experience a lot of joint stiffness and general body inflammation. In the future, I will not opt for a traditional prostate biopsy again but this will still not protect you if the hospital environment is not clean. As a result of sepsis I was out of work for 3 months. I did pursue legal advice. I was told that if I had died it would have been a great damages case but since I lived the amount of compensation would not support the litigation costs.

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