Ethan C.

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My son Ethan was 4 years old. He had cerebral palsy and lots if many disabilities. But he was a superhero. (Sepsis and Children)

On April 26 2019 my husband came to my job telling me our home nurse for my son left and he couldn’t get our son’s oxygen levels up any higher then 87. I came home and tried everything I could from home equipment. We rushed him to the hospItal. Within an hour we found out he had a UTI. (Sepsis and Urinary Tract Infections)

We were admitted and thought just another stay. He is going to be okay and we will go home. Ethan is always in the hospital due to his disabilities and surgeries. On April 28 we stepped away only to get a call that we need to get back, my son is very bad.

He was put on oscillator and I was told he had septic ARDS. (Sepsis and ARDS) They tried to explain but i just wanted to hold my baby. I watched him for 3 days after struggle and struggle. I asked what an ECMO was when they first told me about ARDS but kept being told it wasn’t needed yet. But my baby only kept getting worse. At about 11pm on May 1st, the doctors decided he needed an ECMO. It took several hours to get it started. At 4:05am on May 2nd, I was told to call my family, my baby wasn’t going to make it. My son’s battle was coming to an end. The doctors where able to lay my son in my lap.

On May 2 2019 at 7:02am, my son, superhero Ethan toke his last big breath is my arms. ARDS took my baby boy from me.

He will always be superhero Ethan. He touched so many hearts. 14 specialty doctors, many nurses and just people we encountered in our lives. I will keep doing awareness for everything that was wrong with my baby. Now I will add ARDS to my list because not many people including doctors know about it.

ARDS needs more awareness.

Source: Lisa, mother

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