Doug Peters


In 2018 started to experience swollen foot, dizziness and hallucinations. Went to a number of specialists, including labs and imaging. My foot hurt the most and all Doctors said it was diabetes and to keep it raised. (Sepsis and Hallucinations) Several blamed it on drinking which I do admit was issue, however I was not and still not diabetic. Finally one day in Nov could not get out of bed for appointment. Grown daughter was at home checking up on me and Mother. She called a visiting nurse and they did come that day. Within minutes of checking my vitals was on ambulance to I U Hospital with sepsis diagnosis. Spent several weeks in intensive care and after PICC installed went home where my wife Debbie administered antibiotics and in early 2019 started feeling better.
Little did I know what was still in store!

Foot diagnosed as having Charkot and in my opinion where sepsis started. Surgery on foot failed in June. In September, I was diagnosed with testicular cancer and had surgery to remove in October. So far no reoccurrence ?. And then in November sepsis strikes again. This time I had an infection in both shoulder bones. Surgeon removed bone and using antibiotic cement filled in the missing areas. Spent 2 months in hospice/rehabilitation learning to walk again. It is early 2021 now and finally walking without assist. Still have foot and shoulder pain but prognosis is good.

Two things I recommend now: Have a family doctor ( I do now) and learn and advise others on sepsis.

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