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Dominick Vottis


Dominick was on a family vacation in Lake George when he suddenly started throwing up. Immediately we called the pediatrician’s office and we worked out an action plan. He spent the night vomiting in the hotel room and the next day we took him straight to urgent care. There, they sent us to the hospital to get fluids – he had two bags at the first hospital and they decided to give him an ambulance ride to Albany Med because he wasn’t perking up like he should have.

The nurses at this hospital were amazing. They immediately took him in their arms and loved him. They put a tube down his throat and drained his insides for what seemed like forever. All of this gunk just kept coming out of my baby boy. He had a really high fever, around 105 if I can remember, his heart was racing and he was so lethargic and pale. We still thought he had the stomach bug. Lots of tests were done and it was decided he was going into immediate surgery to see what was going on.

It got really scary at this point. His hands and feet were ice cubes but his little body was burning hot. Dominick was in so much pain but no one could figure out why. We watched a rash grow on his little chubby baby legs. We had absolutely no idea our baby was dying right in front of us, in his mom’s arms.

I will spare the rest of the details, but our perfect little baby boy died the morning of July 4th. We are all incredibly heartbroken.

We are not sure how our baby ended up with sepsis, and the entire nightmare was under 30 hours from the first vomit until his baby heart stopped beating. He had the best care from the greatest nurses and doctors around.

Please, please, please always take your children into the doctor!!

Sepsis and Children

Source: Vanessa Vottis, mom

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