Debra K.


Hi, I’m Deb. Had a diagnosis of aggressive breast cancer, for the second time. After the surgery I was fine for two months. Then one morning I woke up with my right arm being sore. My elbow hurt and my wrist, and shoulder. I thought what was this? Haven’t I been through enough? My arm was dark pink, almost red. It was very warm to touch. I knew this was not good. (Sepsis and Cancer)

Went to the ER. To my surprise they admitted me. After the blood tests I learned it was sepsis. How did I get myself involved with this? I was loaded with many antibiotics. The stories about sepsis were retold to me by the nurses every day to drive home the point this was very risky. The antibiotics won! I went home after the five days. Now I have horrible pain in my arm, chest, back. They say it could be sepsis syndrome. All this because lymph nodes were taken out at the breast cancer surgery. If you get this, my advice is research, read, go to a good doctor. Keep good friends close. Take care of yourself. Mopping the floor will wait. Good luck DK

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