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March 8th 2021, my water broke at 15 weeks 6 days. I had a cerclage in place due to an incompetent cervix and prior second trimester losses. On March 9th while still in the hospital, they were unable to detect my baby’s heartbeat via Doppler or ultrasound. She had passed away inside of me. Before I knew my baby had died, my body became very cold. I was shivering and couldn’t get warm even under three blankets. I knew something was wrong. I told the nurse that I didn’t feel right and I needed my doctor. My temperature had also spiked.

My doctor told me those were all signs of infection and we had to get the baby out to save me. (Sepsis and Pregnancy & Childbirth)

I was moved to L&D to have my cerclage removed, hoping that naturally my body would go into labor and I could just push baby out. After several attempts to remove my stitch, it was causing too much pain so my doctor decided it would be best to put me under. My placenta was also low lying and I would need to have a D&C as well. After delivery my body went into septic shock. (Sepsis and Septic Shock) My blood pressure dropped really low, I was placed on oxygen, and immediately taken into ICU. I was given a wide range of antibiotics and monitored very closely overnight.

I felt like I was going to die. I even I asked my ICU nurse if I was going to die? I’ll never forget her. She told me, NO! Don’t you ever think that way. I’m your nurse and I’m going to take care of you! She did. She held my hand and she took care of me. That night I prayed. I prayed harder than I ever had before. Under the care of the most amazing medical staff I was able to leave ICU the next day. The staff was amazed. I didn’t really realize how bad off I was the night before but, their reactions to me being up and ready to go the next day said it all! I was determined to live for my husband and my daughter. I knew they needed me. I spent 5 days in the hospital. During my stay I had blood drown over twenty times, I was on antibiotics until the day I left the hospital and five days after coming home. After four weeks my body is still recovering. I have a lingering cough, a lot of sleepless nights, and I sometimes suffer from night terrors, and my memory is foggy. All side effects of sepsis. My advice to anyone would be to listen to your body. Don’t take anything lightly. Tell your doctors and the nurses what you feel. Know the signs of Maternal Sepsis. I survived and I thank God for that daily. I thank God for my doctor and the nurses at Huntsville Hospital for acting quickly and saving my life.

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