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Charles Fawcett

Charles Fawcett

My father had a minor day operation to dilate the urethra aged 68. (Sepsis and Surgery) I picked him up and he was breathing heavily, the nurse told me it was the general anesthetic wearing off.

Next day, we called the doctor who only prescribed medicine. Rung the hospital and said I thought he was dying but they refused an ambulance as the doctor had been. Rang 999 and didn’t mention the doctor. He fought for life but died of sepsis 5 days later. Heart stopped once when they tried dialysis, which may have caused brain damage. Heart stopped again 2 days later on dialysis and he passed away. Was in the War at Dunkirk and D-Day, a fine, healthy man. Found out later he had a urine infection and the operation was not suitable for his problem, broke the tissue of the urethra. (Sepsis and UTI) The surgeon gave up his post and went into palliative care and was highly thought of – admitted he hadn’t read my father’s case notes before operating. The nurse was blamed by the consultant and left the hospital. The family was left devastated and never got over it.

Source: Diane Fawcett, Daughter

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