Charles B.


I woke up on a Monday, December 13th 2021, thinking to myself I really don’t feel well. I checked my throat and my tonsils were inflamed swollen red and hurting. In previous years of my life I’ve had problems with tonsils before, so I took some Advil and proceeded to gargle with warm salt water for next 3 days.

On the night of the Dec.15, I started getting pain in my lower right jaw. Not thinking much of that I kept up with the Advil and taking it easy. December 17 I was woken up with a pain leaving my jaw and spreading to my left shoulder. Gradually the pain became unbearable as if a knife was stabbed in my arm and turning. At this point I can’t even feel the pain from my tonsils and the pain in my shoulder is growing so extreme I can’t move lay down touch or even move my arm. Almost like the movement in my arm is paralyzed.

Now my shoulder is swelling, turning hot to the touch and becoming so unbearable. My eyes are tearing without any emotional concern of what’s going on, just pain endured. I have to call 911, maybe I’m having a heart attack. My heart is racing, now I am thinking very foggy, and fire and ambulance are on scene. They check for a heart attack. No sign of that. I opt to be taken to the emergency room.

This is when I find out I have a 103* degree fever. I’m in septic shock. (Sepsis and Septic Shock). After numerous test EKG, CAT scan, blood test/cultures, MRI, ultra sound of heart, X-ray of lungs, all while feeling like near death. I was in the hospital for 12 days, being able to go home Dec.28. So glad I didn’t die. Got to see my son for his 11th birthday Jan 1, 2022.

I was on IV antibiotics since December 18th-28th 2021, in hospital, and still currently receiving IV antibiotics as an out patient through a PICC line at an infusion clinic until January 30 2022. I still have a way to go but I think I’m going to make it. This is my story I hope nothing changes. That’s why I’m writing this now as a survivor being positive.

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