Brooke Miller


I got sepsis 5 days after I had surgery for breast implants rushed to hospital. (Sepsis and Surgery) Two weeks in medical coma, 4 weeks ICU, 3 weeks in-house rehab. I had 15 amputations I lost 10 toes, 3 fingers and my breasts. (Sepsis and Amputations)

I died in my coma they brought me back chronic pain severe PTSD, anxiety, fibromyasia, neuropothy, and damaged organs kidney, dialysis ( while in coma), 2 blood transfusions, no longer organ donor, no giving blood. I’m on 15 medications daily. My life day to day is a struggle, and I have all the physical and mental issues that you listed. thank you , (Sepsis and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)

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