Betty Wattenbarger


My daughter Betty Wattenbarger died from flu complicated by sepsis and pneumonia. (Sepsis and Influenza, Sepsis and Pneumonia) She was 7. We were at a pediatric urgent care the day before her death and the APN on staff diagnosed her with flu and said her lungs were clear. The next morning she died. She was bleeding internally from sepsis and pneumonia. The nurse missed her having nearly 1/3 of a cup of fluid in her left lung. The nurse did not do a PCT test l, X-ray or any other diagnostic. We know now after her death that she was clearly exhibiting signs of sepsis and pneumonia and the nurse was rushing, and with no PA or doctor supervising she didn’t do a thorough exam.

Betty was autistic and could not speak many words or explain what she was feeling. The APN was negligent in her care. Betty will always be missed. Had the APN done her job and performed a proper diagnostic and recognized the symptoms, Betty would likely be here today. This week we celebrate her 8th birthday. She died on Jan 31, 2019. Attached is a picture from the day before she died in the urgent care lobby. The med board and the nursing board are now investigating. The governor, state congressman, state senator and US Senator Cruz have all heard Betty’s story and are watching and helping in Texas.

Sepsis and Children

Source: Jeremy David Wattenbarger, Father

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