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Audra I.


I was at work one day in 2013 started to cough and felt extreme burning in chest. Suddenly my head started pounding and eyes turned red.

I went to the hospital where they diagnosed me with a kidney infection (which I had no symptoms of) sent me home with 103.4 fever and antibiotics. The next morning my chest was burning worse fever was still high and eyes were dead and swelling with head pain. Went to another hospital and by the time I drove my self there. (Sepsis and Bacterial Infections)

I was lethargic and out of it. I don’t remember very much I was in and out of consciousness but I do remember the 3 huge tubes of blood they took. It was starting to affect my lungs by this point. The results came back and I was septic. They admitted me only being able to provide me fluids and pain meds because I have severe allergies to most antibiotics. The next day I met my infectious disease doctor at which I had to have IV infusions for antibiotics.

Was admitted for a week released with IV port in hand and had to go for 30 days straight back to hospital to receive the infusions. After I was done with my 30 days and IV was removed a week and a half later, was admitted again for sepsis and had to do IV infusions again for another month. I didn’t know that this was a thing PSS. I know that I had it after reading. For the 2 years following anything I would go to ER for back aches around kidneys a cough head pain because I was scared if I didn’t I would become septic again. I was traumatized. 8 years later and I am healthier than I have ever been. Please learn the signs ….

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