Areilla Skillman


My mother started off in the hospital diagnosed with double pneumonia to spend a week there. (Sepsis and Pneumonia)

She was so weak she could not stand up and she complained her whole body hurt. They sent her to a nursing home where she was there for a week and they neglected her the entire time she was there. Then after a week there, she went back to the hospital when they again diagnosed or with pneumonia and after a week sent her home. Said she was all clear.

A week after being home she died in my arms, bleeding from her nose and mouth and the doctor tried to tell me it was cardiac arrest complications due to pneumonia. But I had an autopsy performed and she had sepsis that was a left untreated and undiagnosed and it calls renal failure and that caused her heart to stop. She should never have died from sepsis. It should have been noticed treated and cured.

Source: Daniel May, son

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