Alexander Nguyen

Featured, Survivor

Back in September of 2022 I started feeling sick which honestly just felt like flu-like symptoms. I didn’t think anything of it besides just being sick. I started just taking over the counter medication hoping it would stop. However, I know I got sepsis through bacteria from open wounds from my MMA gym I go to. (Sepsis and Bacterial Infections) I should’ve taken care of it sooner when my wounds wouldn’t heal correctly and my body temperature kept constantly changing. When I finally went to the hospital I was diagnosed with sepsis and was told that I had a very high white blood cell count, high blood pressure, and my kidneys were shutting down. Luckily I was only hospitalized for about a week and the doctors were able to save me. I still actively train and compete but I’m definitely more careful.

My message is this if something isn’t right and you’re not feeling better go to the hospital. Sepsis was the worst feeling I ever had and it destroyed me mentally and physically. luckily, through friends and family I am able to recover from this and move forward.

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