Akeila C.

Akeila C.

I got sepsis from pneumonia. (Sepsis and Pneumonia) What started off as what seemed to me ad a normal cold quickly turned into pneumonia and then sepsis. I got up one morning feeling like I had air. I drank a cup of tea however I had no appetite to eat breakfast. Upon getting to work I remember breaking out in a bad sweat that ran through my jeans like I had urinated myself. I the had uncontrollable diarrhea and suddenly felt bad like I never felt before. I simply felt like I was about to die.

I told my co-workers to take me to the hospital, I do not feel right at all. They took me to a doctor’s office instead where my blood pressure was low ,had sugar in my urine and a fast pulse. I was told I had an upper respiratory tract infection. I was given drips and antibiotics to take at home along with pain meds. However over the span of a next week I would continue to have a very high heart rate and blood pressure began to rise. I started to cough up bloody mucus and felt out of breath. I visited two more doctor’s offices was given drips again to lower heart rate. I was sent for blood tests that discovered I had a high white blood cell count. I was then referred to an internal specialist who confirmed I had pneumonia and needed to be hospitalised.

Upon my hospitalization I learnt I have low oxygen levels and had developed sepsis. I stayed in the hospital for 8 days were I was on oxygen and received antibiotics through IV. Thankfully I was not in the intensive care ward at the hospital and I was still able to move around. I had never heard of sepsis until my experience with it. It has left me with severe anxiety and insulin resistance.

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