What is Sepsis?

Sepsis, which was often called “blood poisoning,” is the body’s overwhelming and life-threatening response to infection which can lead to tissue damage, organ failure, and death. Learn more about the symptoms of sepsis, which kills 350,000 adults each year in the United States.

Faces of Sepsis™

Faces of Sepsis™ is a collection of sepsis experiences, as told by sepsis survivors, caregivers, and those who have lost a loved one. Click below to read their stories or submit your own.

Jay Venom


I was at the severe sepsis stage when I was hospitalized, I wasn’t aware I had sepsis. I ignored the symptoms and thought it was a mild case of food poisoning. As days went by my symptoms worsened. I’m so grateful everyday for allowing me to beat this, and I,m so glad I was able to find Sepsis Alliance online! I became more educated about what sepsis is more than I was when I was inpatient. Now I don’t feel alone knowing there are other survivors like me. Read Full Story

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Savon Khiev

Survivor, Survivor

04/26/2022, my husband (38 years old) had acute ruptured appendicitis that led to severe sepsis. (Sepsis and Appendicitis) Luckily, we made it to the hospital in time after he returned back to Houston from Austin. It led to acidosis, collapsed lung, pericardial effusion, and he had a heart attack. He was in the hospital for about a week, but now we are told he may have an abscess because there’s a mass in his right abdomen. He had an exercise stress test and failed it, so he will be doing a nuclear stress test in a few days to see ... Read Full Story

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Paul Borgman

Survivor, Survivor, Survivor

This is my story. It started four and a half years ago, at the age of 57. I had been fighting a chronic ulcer on my left foot due to non-diabetic neuropathy and also stress fractures in my metatarsal bones. I was being treated regularly by a podiatrist but wasn’t able to heal completely because as an energy engineer, I performed field audits and did a lot of walking. A few weeks after a visit to a hospital for some x-rays on my foot, I started feeling sick – urinary issues, lethargy, weakness, loss of appetite. Then in a few ... Read Full Story

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Steve B.

Survivor, Survivor, Survivor, Survivor

I had a procedure to remove a kidney stone. (Sepsis and Kidney Stones) Doctor said in and out same day operation. Well apparently my anatomy wasn’t very easy for her to navigate to find the stone and blast it out with her little laser tool. She then placed a tube in the ureter to prevent pain and damage when the stone passed. After the surgery I was still in pain that I never knew existed, so I was rolled down the hall to get a CAT scan. She got the results and brought her laptop to see what was going ... Read Full Story

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Mark Roberts

Survivor, Survivor, Survivor, Survivor, Survivor

My experience started Christmas day 2022. felt like I had a virus, giddy, achy, fast pulse and stomach pain/bloating. Managed few mouthfuls of dinner, went to accident and emergency and waited 13hrs. Despite obs several times, nothing was picked up. Went home early hours Boxing Day, started vomiting bile. Apparently I was grey in colour, managed to get back to hospital and got seen very quickly. They diagnosed after tests that I had bowel blockage and sepsis. Had emergency surgery on Boxing Day night. I remember not till coming around 4 days later. I had apparently been in induced coma, ... Read Full Story

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November 18, 2023

November 18-23 is World Antimicrobial Awareness Week. Click the link to learn more about sepsis and antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

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November 1, 2023

November is Bladder Health Month. Learn about sepsis and bladder health by clicking the link below.

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