Willie McLemore

Willie McLemore

On April 8th 2021, I was having severe stomach pain with vomiting. The pain and vomiting continued throughout the night at which time I began having a fever. I decided I would try to sleep it off hoping I would feel better the next day. On April 9th in the morning hours, I noticed my temperature was still high, at this point over 102 degrees. My wife insisted I go to the emergency room, and at this point I had no choice as I was feeling terrible.

My wife drove me to the nearest emergency room and an IV was started immediately, now the horror begins and unfortunately all I know after this day is what my doctors  and family have told me.

On April 10th, a mere 2 days after not feeling well, I am now in intensive care in an induced coma. I would remain in a coma for 15 days.
Sepsis immediately began taking over my body, kidneys not functioning, liver not functioning, I wasn’t breathing well and was then put on a respirator while in the coma. From what I was told, sepsis had almost taken my life on two separate occasions as my blood pressure dropped into the low 50s/30s. While in the coma I had to go through kidney dialysis as well.

After 2 months in the hospital I was finally released to come home which was only very brief. During my brief stay at home I was directed to a local liver specialist, at which time I received the news. What news could that be? I was advised my liver wasn’t working anymore and even though I had beat sepsis, I had only 3 to 6 months to live unless I had a liver transplant.

Off to Chicago we go, immediately put back in the hospital, where I would remain until a could get a liver transplant.

Jumping forward, after a year and 3 months after sepsis and 11 months after transplant, lengthy physical therapy, occupational therapy, I am now home but still dealing with the after effects of the sepsis. You maybe wondering what after effects? Today my entire body feels like I have been hit by a truck. Every joint in my body hurts, back pains, PTSD, reoccurring nightmares from when I was brought out of the coma.
My weight went from 240 lbs. to 148 lbs. I have regained weight to a now health weight of 185. Sepsis has changed my life. I will no longer be able to perform my job in law enforcement which I had been doing for 28 yrs.

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