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Tracy Clarke

Tracy Clarke

In 2019 I had a routine tooth extraction in the UK. It was a deep rooted wisdom too. On the 1st March, 2 days before a flight to the US well LA.

It left a very large hole and as I had an extraction before and needed antibiotics I asked my dentist as a precautionary measure to prescribe me a course to take with me but he refused and said I wouldn’t need them. So I left the dentist and when I got home went to bed as I was not feeling good from the an anesthetic so I slept till late evening. (Sepsis and Dental Care)

Woke up in pain so took ibupofen and Paracetemol and went back to bed. In the morning my mouth was sore and I still had pain. I phoned the dentist and he told me it was a deep rooted tooth, to gargle with salt water and follow instructions take pain relief.

I again asked for antibiotics and was refused. The pain didn’t ease. I had a bad nights sleep was up 5am to get train for airport to catch flight. I travelled and was in pain all the time. On arrival the next day, I visited a dentist and I had dry root. they treated me best they could and for the next week I was back and forth in so much pain my tooth next to it turned green colour. The dentist then had to remove several other teeth and I had 8 stitches in my mouth. I was given a course of antibiotics but had to be careful as I had allergies to penicillin and associated drugs but they managed to find me some.

I was told to take pain killer and anti inflammatory as well. So I then began to travel from LA towards NYC by road. It was about the 23rd March by then and I woke not feeling well. We were on route 66 and had to turn off to head to a hospital as I had developed a hard lump on the side of my mouth. We were in Texas. I was travelling with someone. I just felt a little unwell but they said I was not making any sense, a bit delirious, so we dropped in at Sonora Hospital just to get checked out.

On arrival the doctor took a look at me, came back to reception and took my blood. By the time I was checked in, the doctor returned and said we need to urgently admit you. Your blood pressure is 62/54. There no protein, no iron in your blood. Your blood sugar is dangerously low and you are totally dehydrated with sepsis. So I was admitted, had oral and intravenous antibiotics and a drip to rehydrate me, was given a sugary rich drink with some food. I was in for 4 days, constantly being monitored.

They discharged me after 4 days saying you need to get your iron levels checked and gave me a prescription for follow up antibiotics, but when I collected the 2 days later I had an allergic reaction of which I was lucky because I was in Florida at my cousin’s and she gave me some medication she kept in for her son’s allergic reactions.

I thought I was extremely lucky getting away with no damage but I was not scot free at all. I suffer from fatigue and severe leg muscle pain within month. I mean to a point where I couldn’t walk without pains like toothache in my legs lower legs. Became unbearable. The doctor said it was fibromyalgia. I was put onto painkilling medications and also had low blood pressure which caused me to pass out in Jan 2020 and was admitted to hospital where they discovered my cortisol levels were low and they think that was due to sepsis. So I stopped drinking and started eating healthy juicing every day, taking ginger and turmeric and came off the drugs for pain. My leg pain has eased, then in March I contracted COVID with pneumonia in my left lung but I took steroids and antibiotics and I am still here. I hope this helps someone, (Sepsis and Coranvirus/COVID-19)

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