Tony Nespole


I developed flu while on vacation in Mexico. My condition worsened during the next several days. (Sepsis and Influenza) Upon returning to California, I went to the emergency room at a Kaiser Permanente hospital and was placed on oral antibiotics for pneumonia. (Sepsis and Pneumonia)

The next day my condition continued to deteriorate and I returned to the ER where I was immediately diagnosed with sepsis, placed on an IV antibiotic and received additional fluids and other IV medication. I continued to worsen over the next 24 hours but saw improvement the next day as the medications took hold. After a week in the hospital I was discharged to home on oral antibiotics, steroids and supplemental oxygen. After another month of recuperation, I was back to normal.

I really thought I was going to die but thanks to the doctors at Kaiser Permanente and their rapid diagnosis and appropriate treatment, I am here today to talk about my experience with sepsis.

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