Tommy-James Brown


I had my little boy on the 28th of November by induction due to me suffering from depression and wanting to have a date to set my mind at ease. He was due the 9th of December so was classed as term. I never got diagnosed as I never got tested. I suffered terrible with thrush and UTI all the way through my pregnancy.

I had my little boy by induction at 38 weeks. All was well even when he was 4 hours old. They put him in incubator because his temp was low. I didn’t think much of it. I was sent home 12 hours later even though he couldn’t maintain his temp for more than 10 minutes out of the incubator or off me. 10 days later his temp was 38 then again 38.5. I knew something wasn’t right as the day before he got oral thrush rapidly. (Sepsis and Fungal Infections ) I took him the GP and they sent me over to A&E for a second opinion. Within 30 minutes, he went grey and floppy. They put him on antibiotics, admitted him up on the ward, and he was rushed to HDU. X-rays, bloods, lumber puncture, you name it, he had it done. Infection level came back at 205, it should have been 10. Turns out he had sepsis and meningitis caused by the midwife not testing me for GBS. (Sepsis and Meningitis, Sepsis and Group B Strep)

The temp after birth should of been a red flag for the hospital, which the neonatal doctors at the hospital I took him to to be checked told me. After 10 days on IV antivirals and 2 lots of antibiotics with the flush in between all of them, he was on the mend the neonatal specialist came to talk to me said it is unknown for a baby his age to survive with a CRP that high, as adults don’t really get them like that!

Luckily the meningitis was caught just in time, and the meds they put him on worked. He was having 3 different antibiotics, 2 anti irals and a flush to push it through. In the 2 weeks he had 5 different canulas as his veins were just giving up. I just hope that all this wont make a difference to his health in the future. They can’t tell me if it will have a effect on him as he’s so young. All this and he is just over 5 weeks old now. I nearly lost my little boy. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. He really is a little miracle. (Sepsis and Children)

Source: Jazmine, Tommy-James's Mum