Tasha T


In October 25 of 2012, I had given birth to my second child. Labor and delivery were both perfect and I was over the moon happy.
October 26th, the day after, my mom told me that I looked a little pale and clammy and asked me if I felt ok. I told her I was just tired and it must be from the delivery the day before. (Sepsis and Pregnancy & Childbirth)

October 27th I was set to be discharged home with my new bundle of joy. I really wasn’t feeling well that morning. I felt extremely weak and cold. I couldn’t stop shaking for the life of me. I remember trying to breast feed my son and I was shaking so badly I couldn’t even hold him up to feed. I decided to take a hot bath to try feel better which only set things off even worse. Once I got out of the bath and into my bed I knew something was wrong. I pressed the call light and could barely breath well enough to tell them something was wrong. My temperature was 104 and pulse over 200 and I was hypotensive. They called rapid response and all I remember is the room filling up with medical personnel…and the burning, I felt like I was being cooked from the inside. They told me if I had been home, I would have not made it to the hospital.

I had hypovolemic anemia and virtually no white blood cells to fight the infection off, a partially collapsed lung, thrombocytopenia, hypoxia, hypokalemia, and hypocalcemia.
My sepsis came from E.Coli which had some how gotten into my blood.
I’ve had heart issues since, as well as PTSD and health anxiety,  but I am so, so, so thankful to be alive today!
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