Tara D.


I too survived sepsis.
At the age of 26 I had just delivered my son 4 weeks early due to preclampsia. I was watched an extra day in the hospital and was sent home with a clear bill of health. (Sepsis and Pregnancy & Childbirth)

Five days went by and I woke up with that not feeling real great feeling. Achy and my back was killing me. I opted out of seeing the doctor this day. I was fine it would go away. That evening my husband came home and I was curled up next to the furnace with 104.9 fever. I took some Motrin and went to bed. So keep in mind as well I am a nurse. LOL, the worst patients!! The fever never went down and at 6 the next morning I went to urgent care. My insurance changed right before my son was born so I was at a hospital where I had no doctor. They looked me over and after a few test it was determined I had pyelonephritis. Otherwise known as a kidney infection. I was admitted and taken to an overflow floor.

Day to day was no answers. No doctor meant I got the hospitalist . The 3rd day in my husband called my parents/family to inform them that I was considerably worse and that they should probably come see me. He was certain I was dying and I was.

Day 4. I am now drowning in my own fluids. I developed pneumonia and sleep apnea. I was hallucinating from the pain meds. I gained 35 lbs of fluids in 4 days. My room mate happened to be a CNA at the hospital. She informed my husband that he needed to go drag a doctor in there and make him look at me.

He did. Dr. Le saved my life. He immediately ordered all fluids removed. He reviewed my chart and my blood work showed I was indeed septic with E. coli. My chart had been updated the night prior to this.

Day 5 I was allowed to go home. Probably should not due to all my breathing issues but my doctor thought I needed to be with my baby. I do not remember a thing from the day my son was born till the day I came home from sepsis. This is all been told to me from family and my husband.
I thank God everyday that Dr. Le was there. I truly believe I would’ve died in a few short days without him.

DO NOT ignore the warning signs!!! It may be the difference in life or death!!