Sue Firestone


Oct 2017 I thought I had the flu. I was exhausted from 2 trips to the east coast and I was working too hard.. I was throwing up, took thera flu for 2 days. I had a fever of 103, shivers and delirious for 60 hours. I was texting my doctor (I live remote) and said I stopped urinating. He said go to ER NOW! I begged to wait til am as I was so exhausted.

My room mate took me. BP was 80/40 and I was dying! I went to ICU with all hands on deck to save me. I was in hospital for a week. It didn’t hit me emotionally until months later. Seeing an infectious disease doctor after helped me a lot as I got C Diff; anemia and another UTI which caused the original severe sepsis with E coli in my blood. More people need to learn about this quick killer and recognize the signs before it’s too late. I had a friend die last week as he ignored the signs. (Sepsis and Urinary Tract Infections, Sepsis and C. Difficile)