Stevie D


Early September 2016, I got sick. I thought it was a cold. A bruise showed up on my arm mid-September. My mother being a nurse said it looked like blood poisoning ands requested I go to the ER immediately. I waited till the next day. At a regular doctor, I was told I had bronchitis. They gave me antibiotics. Two days later I was having an allergic reaction. I went to the ER where I received an inhaler to help with my breathing and a topical steroid to help with the rashes.

The next day I went to the clinic to get new antibiotics and I was given a cough suppressant and told to set up an appointment to get set up with a GP. Not given any antibiotics and waiting on my appointment, I waited till mid-October. The appointment was cancelled the day before due to the doctor being over scheduled and I was not a priority. My coughing got so bad I dropped my college classes. School and my two kids was too much.

I gave up on the appointment and October 30th I went to get checked in the ER again. They gave me more inhalers and sent me away. I tried to get into the clinic on Nov 10th and they accused me of being a drug seeker. All I wanted was antibiotics. The next night I had severe breathing problems and called for someone to take me to the ER. On intake my heat rate was 145 resting. I couldn’t breath and my blood pressure was so low they wouldn’t tell me what it was. My mother was on vacation in Europe. My fiance’s grandmother was told to get ahold of her while I used the restroom. I had a CT, multiple blood tests and chest x-rays. They knew I had sepsis on arrival at 12 am. At 4 am I was admitted for sepsis from severe pneumonia. (Sepsis and Pneumonia) I stayed 3 days in ICU. My husband lost his job. My oldest got kicked out of school and my baby stopped sleeping at night. I spent two more days on general floor. …it’s been a few months.

I got a head cold last week…. right now my cough is back and my heart rate is 120 bpm… I’m seeing how it goes but Friday I have another doctor’s appointment in another town because I lost faith in all the doctors here. Not once did I see the same doctor. But all the doctors missed an ailment that turned my life upside down. I now have an undiagnosed issue that is continuing as well. I have a nebulizer and it’s in my medical records. I have acid reflux, overactive pulmonary disease, and reactive airway disfunction disorder…. wish me luck….I’m sick of being sick. ..since until age 24 Id never had anything other than a head cold, flu, and strep throat. ..