Shereen Lee


Hi I’m Shereen now aged 48, lucky to reach 48 as well.  3 years ago, it was 20th December, my 4 grown-up daughters, we’re all home for Xmas (2 on army leave) and my granddaughter. I’m normally fit and well but today I felt strange 🤷‍♀️.. anyway I went to bed for a lay down about 6pm and my deceased mother seemed to appear (something I’d never experienced) in my head saying you’re going to die tonight, you need to go hospital!

I just felt weary though, not ill but as the night went on she was at me till 2 in the morning, saying get an ambulance. At this point I went to get off the bed to go alert my daughters and I had the most terrible heavy feet and so cold and didn’t feel I could walk. I panicked and told all my 4 grown up girls to ring an ambulance. Anyway 12 phone calls later after being told the police was coming if we rang again, at 7.30am St. John’s paramedics arrived took my blood pressure and was horrified, said whatever is wrong with you we do not know but you virtually have no blood pressure! They rang for back up and told my 4 daughters, you need to follow the ambulance and your mum may not make it to hospital. Her observations are so bad. I was rushed to our local hospital who took blood and realized I had serious conditions but needed to be in ICU in a more equipped hospital 10 miles away

At midnight when my blood pressure and obs were a bit better, I was rushed to ICU and my family was all informed after having a CT scan I had unknown kidney stones. (Sepsis and Kidney Stones) They were told I wouldn’t make it. I had a stent put in theatre for stones and was on a lot of apparatus keeping me alive, I had urosepsis.

Next I knew, I woke on Xmas day with my kids crying for me not to die. It was horrendous. Eventually, 9th January, I was put on a ward and was allowed home. However the following 18 months I was admitted prob 20 times with pain and illness, and only being able to wee a minute drop of blood with this stent that was in me about 9 months. I feel so fortunate however I am full of PTSD and on antidepressants because of my ordeal. I’m not the same happy women I was but I’m blessed I’m alive and beat the odds, terrified I may get stones again and sepsis as I can’t drink water for some reason. Not good. I worry all the time as I’m sure I won’t survive next time. Sepsis the silent killer !