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Shawn Carver


Shawn was a coherent man who had been holding down a full-time job. He walked into the hospital ER under his own steam for a diabetic sore on his foot. (Sepsis and Diabetes) He would be in the hospital 2 weeks where he would have foot surgery and his health started declining. Instead of keeping him in the hospital though, because he was uninsured, he was put into a crappy run rehab center where he was not given adequate care.

He started to have severe tremors, so much so that he couldn’t even hold his phone to talk. He was experiencing delirium, he suffered from chills, he was put on oxygen, because he had CO2 buildup in his blood, his joints were killing him and he could no longer get around without a walker or a wheelchair. This all took place in a little over a month. He died suddenly in the early morning of September 26th. He was 53 years old. I just automatically assumed they would perform an autopsy, but the ME just listed his medical conditions and listed his death as natural causes. I’m no medical professional, but I KNOW without question, he died from sepsis! He had all the symptoms, yet the so called medically trained personnel didn’t catch it in time or just didn’t care. Me personally, I feel it was a little of both.

Source: Michelle-Wife of almost 20 years

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