Sharawn Edwards

Sharawn Edwards

Hi my name is Sharawn Edwards. I’m now 23 years old. Last year, the summer of 2013 is when my life turned on me after having my daughter in December 2011. My life was great – I just had to get my life on track to help support my daughter’s life, as well as mine.

I finally decided to go to beauty school so I could get my cosmetology license. I started there on January 28, 2012. I was loving school up until two months into my program. Now, I’m not the type of person to run to the doctor every time something doesn’t feel right to me but, for some reason, different parts of my body start hurting, which was a little strange to me. I didn’t think anything about it.

I knew I wasn’t getting the right amount of sleep, so I just thought it was lack of rest on my body. It was around June 2013 when I started feeling my right side of my body was hurting from inside out. I didn’t know what was wrong with me – maybe I was carrying too much between my daughter and all of my school hair supplies. But it wasn’t lack of rest because a month later, my skin was peeling and discoloring, and my eyes were slowly turning yellow. I never thought anything of it and my whole abdominal area started killing me.

My urine was the color of – and as dark as – iced tea and it burned. In August 14, 2013, so I took myself to the hospital and checked in the ER. I didn’t know what was going on. I checked in at 11 am and I didn’t found anything out until around 8:30 pm. I was in the hospital for 6 days. I had to get blood work done 5 out of the 6 days about 3 times a day. They didn’t figure out what was wrong until my last day – that I had sepsis. So until this day I still sit and wonder how I caught sepsis when I didn’t have any open wounds that I can recall.