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Sarah Moss


So this is my story of surviving sepsis..
On the 3rd of January I become really poorly. I  had a urinary tract infection. (Sepsis and Urinary Tract Infections) I had gone to work but shortly returned home due to not feeling good. I was having sweat attacks and had pain in my kidneys. I went to my local walk-in centre and was sent home with antibiotics for pyelonephritis (severe kidney infection). I returned to bed and just wanted to sleep.

That night I had severe pains in my head and down my neck was hallucinating and sweating really badly. I just cried all night. The next day my sister rang 111 service. They said it would take longer for the antibiotics to work. By that afternoon I could barely lift my head. She rang back again and was told they was too busy and to go my doctor’s!!

My doctors took one look at me and rang an ambulance my [oxygen] sats were very high, with a temp of 39 and my heart was 139bpm, all pretty much was a blur. I couldn’t tolerate light or noise. I had my head covered… pains shooting in my head and kidneys was horrendous. I felt like I was going to die!

I came round in a dark room with my family around me. I knew it was serious, a lot of drips and had been given pain relief, suspected meningitis… after doing some tests they realised it was sepsis and my body had gone into septic shock. A lot of IV fluids and antibiotics were flushed around my body. I was told numerous times I was a very lucky girl to be alive, scary start to the year.

I was sent home still feeling groggy and rubbish, but was told this was to be expected and it could take a while to feel “myself” again. Feeling lucky and relieved to be alive and home with my son. “I am a sepsis survivor.” After a few days I was starting to feel poorly again… the fear I had of it being sepsis again, everything was running through my mind. I wasn’t ready to leave my son and family. I didn’t want to tell anyone, it would go away, surely I couldn’t be so poorly again!!

Ohh how I was wrong, my speech was slurred and only got worse to where I could barely string a sentence together… my leg had become numb and I couldn’t feel my right thigh. My whole right side become weak. My sister took me for a check up with the doctor who sent me back up to the hospital. They suspected a stroke after spending 6 days in hospital. I got my “emergency” scans and tests that were needed. They ruled out blood clots on my brain and other various things they checked for. After 17 days in hospital being monitored, I was allowed home with help and support from my family and friends. My speech is getting better slowly. I’m having regular hospital &and doctor appointments. I’m waiting to see a neurologist to help me get my life back on track. The psychological effects are still there and the nightmares I have about the whole thing are horrible.
There needs to be more awareness about sepsis a lot of people have never heard about it.

Many thanks Sarah 💋💄
#kissgoodbyetosepsis x

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