Ruth Razey


November 30, 2020 I noticed chills and a very very slight feeling that I might have a UTI. (Sepsis and Urinary Tract Infections) I had just the week before had blood work done to get ready for a knee replacement that coming February. (I was 66 at the time) I was completely fine.

December 1 I felt off and had more chills, thought for sure I had caught COVID so got tested. 3 days later results were negative but I was really not feeling well. I couldn’t bend my left knee. My family took me to an Urgent Care who started testing and realized I needed an ER so sent us the the local hospital. I was admitted. My kidneys were failing, my heart acted up, I couldn’t focus quite right and spent the entire month of December 2020 in the hospital. I was very lucky, I had an excellent team of doctors who had quickly figured out I had sepsis that seemed to have started with a UTI. They started antibiotics and I remember I was very restricted on the amount of water I could drink because of my kidney was almost shut down.

I went home December 31st, all limbs intact and alive but could barely walk, and only with a walker. I had PT in the hospital and more at home and now walk/hobble on my own. I am working on all the tests and procedures needed to get my left knee replaced. We had to wait for time to pass after the sepsis. About 3 months after sepsis I lost a lot of hair but it eventually grew back. The other thing the started 6 months after sepsis that I think is from the sepsis is a case of vulvadynia. My symptom is a burning feeling in the vaginal area. I have been checked for yeast and UTI. My gyn has tried estrogen cream and cortisone type cream. Nothing helps completely. I am now trying pelvic floor therapy. I truly think it is nerve damage resulting from sepsis but I don’t know for sure. There was a point the doctor thought I had PTSD happening which I agreed with. I use to always think I will be fine any time I was sick. I was very worried for a year or so after sepsis but I can now say I have mostly regained my upbeat spirit. Sepsis definitely did a number on my body and sense of well being but I too am a fighter and survivor. Determined to live my best life with lots of love, family and friends. NOTE: women always go check if you feel like a UTI is coming on.

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