Roy Atkins


Posted on September 29th, 2017

I had a chest infection which didn’t respond to normal prescription drugs from my doctor. I didn’t realizes how bad my condition had got until one Monday morning I started to be very sick also in the toilet a lot.
Towards the end if the day I started to shake and could not control it. It’s called rigor.

My wife took me to the nearest hospital which unfortunately had been downgraded from an A&E to only urgent care. They called an ambulance. I ended up in intensive care for a week with all sorts of tubes coming out of me. I deteriorated as they could not identify the infection that I had eventually they did but although I survived sepsis. it has left me with problems with my kidneys!

My blood pressure was so low during the sepsis episode. I was asked if I would donate some of my blood for a special trial the hospital was undertaking with a company in Ireland that has a machine that can identify infections within hours rather than days, which would help others in the future. The hospital, The Princes Royal I, was thinking of buying the new machine if its trial proves successful.I am so glad to have survived sepsis I can’t thank the hospital staff enough for the excellent treatment I had.